Plan Ahead: Citizen's Planning Institute offering educational courses

Image via citizensplanninginstitute.orgThere’s nothing like the sound of jackhammers, bulldozers and drills
to gently wake you in the morning. Although it may be hard to believe at 7 a.m., you do have the power to affect the new development happening in your community. If you want to be equipped to offer input on what’s being built in your neighborhood, check out the Philadelphia City Planning Commission’s outreach program, the Citizen’s Planning Institute.

From April 18 through May 2, the City Planning Commission is offering
classes to teach citizens the fundamentals of city planning, zoning, land use and the development process. Geared towards members of community groups, the program also offers several elective courses focused on sustainability, vacant land policy and how planning affects the lives of ordinary citizens. And with the end-of-program assignment you can get expert feedback on a project your organization is working on or would like to undertake. Completion of the core course and two electives earns you a “Citizen Planner Certificate of Completion” – and a little more say in what’s waking you up in the morning.

Applications are being accepted March 1 through March 27 here.