Cheese of the Month: Red Leaf

story by tenaya darlingtonFall is a great time to explore the cheeses of Chester County. The area is home to eight fabulous cheesemakers, including one of my favorites, Yellow Springs Farm. Al and Catherine Renzi are passionate about Nubian goats and native plants, and these two things come together in the form of beautiful, subtle cheeses that are inspired by the landscape where they are created. If you visit their dairy, you’ll find wheels of Fieldstone, Yellow Brick Road and walnut-speckled Nutcracker.

Red Leaf is a tribute to the looming sycamores that shade Yellow Springs Farm. The leaves are gathered, washed, soaked in red wine, then wrapped around wheels of goat cheese. After 45 days in the aging cave, the wheels are sweet and earthy, with an incredibly clean taste. The rind, wild as it looks, is edible.
This October, Yellow Springs welcomes new members to its goat cheese CSA. Members receive handmade cheeses from the farm twice a month. This is a great way to taste a spectrum of goat cheeses, from fresh to aged, and to observe the seasonal changes from May through November. For more information, visit the Renzi website. Farm visits can be arranged by appointment.

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Yellow Springs Farm, 1165 Yellow Springs Rd., Chester Springs; For a list of Chester County cheeses, visit