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Woman cycling in Zimbabwe -Image via guardian.co.uk

Bicycling for Liberation

For a woman in Zimbabwe, choosing two wheels over four was the solution to enjoying a safer daily commute. Finding buses overcrowded and taxis an unsafe option for women, Jane Madembo started riding a bike. Read how cycling freed Madembo from much more than a crowded bus system.   Guardian

Super Greenies not so green

While Super Greenies claim dedication to all things "green", these often upper class individuals are lacking in some areas of sustainability. Scarborough Research, who studies consumer behaviors for media and marketing companies, found that Super Greenies flaunt green consumerism, not environmentally-friendly lifestyles, like flying less, buying less, and living in smaller homes. GOOD

No cheese please

A new report from the Environmental Working Group ranks cheese at No. 3 in terms of climate impact. Lamb and beef hold first and second places, respectively, but shockingly, cheese is worse than chicken, pork and milk. Cheese’s high carbon footprint is credited to the amount of milk needed to produce hard cheese; 10 pounds of milk for just one pound of cheese! Grist

Beekeeping benefits

Beekeeping Without Borders is spreading across the Middle East, creating educational opportunities and bringing unlikely benefits. In Afghanistan, opium poppy farming has dropped by 15 percent thanks to this new legal and sustainable form of income. TreeHugger