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Graphy by Nielsen on climate change opinions. For full size, click image. Image via GuardianWhile 69% of global citizens are concerned about climate change, public opinion is dropping in the biggest polluter countries. Which region is most concerned? Check out the survey to find out. Guardian

Hurricane Irene is leaving more than flooding and destruction behind. Federal officials are now testing seven major waterways for contaminants that entered the systems through the storm’s rainfall runoff. Green Blog via New York Times

The food miles of your produce could soon be reduced to zero. The company BrightFarms is proposing building rooftop gardens…on top of supermarkets. GOOD

China has been coined the solar product king, but here’s a surprise: the U.S. exports $1.8 billion of their solar products. Guess the solar industry isn’t quite dead in the U.S. yet. Grist

Michelle Bachmann is sparing no wilderness area in the search for oil. At a recent campaign stop in Florida she advocated for drilling the Everglades. But of course, only if it can be done “responsibly,” she said. Mother Jones