WAKE UP CALL: Start your day right with GRID's grab bag of sustainability news

Print a page, plant a tree

Offsetting deforestation by printing may seem a contradiction, but that’s the goal of Joe Miller’s new startup Print a Forest. The company sells banner ads to be placed at the bottom of a printed page; the money goes toward reforestation projects. Miller’s software also keeps track of how many trees your printing has planted. The software is only available for PCs,                                                                                             but a Mac version is planned. GOOD

Organic farmers WIN!

The tables are turning in favor of organic farmers in the ongoing David vs. Goliath battle of agriculture. Recent court cases are ruling in favor of organic farmers, charging conventional, GMO farmers with contaminating crops. In the past organic farmers were losing costly legal battles to Monsanto and suffering from damaged crops and lost profits when pesticides from nearby farms contaminated their land. But move over Monsanto, the organic farmers are finally getting their due. Natural News 

Gardens for growth

Cleveland may have found the ultimate solution for its high crime, rising obesity rates and increasing economic woes. A recent study by Ohio State University professors found that Cleveland could turn itself around by converting vacant lots, business rooftops and residential lots into urban gardens. Although Cleveland already has a growing number of urban gardens, it has a long way to go before urban gardens can save the city. Wired   

Films on Fridges

Inspired by Fridge Mountain, the 20-ft pile of fridges dumped in the London district of Hackney, American City Design student Lindsey Scannapieco has constructed a theater from recycled fridge parts. Everything in the east London cinema uses old fridges—including the bar and seats. The theater is located in east London, near the Olympic stadium and designed to be educational, playful and pay homage to the industrial past of the area. Guardian