Screening in the Street: Scribe's annual outdoor film event goes green

Grab blankets, lawn chairs and friends, and pack a picnic basket with your favorite farmers market finds (have you seen ALL those juicy peaches?) Scribe Video Center’s Street Movies! is back for its 14th season. This Saturday’s premier event at The Bowl in Clark Park combines the annual event’s ever green offerings of live performances and short film screenings with the theme of environmental responsibility.

The evening will kick-off with an opening performance by Tanzanian, Philly-based hip hop artist Alwatan Kwele at 7:45 p.m. At 8:30 the film reel will start rolling, thanks to power supplied by the Green Guerillas’ biodiesel/waste veggie oil-powered bus; also the feature of one of the night’s films. Four short films, ranging from three to 30 minutes will air, each one highlighting subjects who went above and beyond the “normal” conventions of society to make their moral beliefs known.

Film synopes after the jump.

The Future of Our History (2011, 15 minutes)

By Jubilee School

Kindergarten through sixth grade students at Jubilee School, an alternative community school in West Philadelphia, spent two years studying one of the most influential voices in the fight against racism and for human rights, W.E.B. Du Bois. Their studies led them on a pilgrimage to Great Barrington, MA where they visited the graves of Du Bois’ wife and young son.

Pumzi (Kenya, 2009, 21 minutes)

By Wanuri Kahiu

Thirty-Five years after “The Water War” has ruined earth’s surface, a young woman defies the governing council of her indoor community, and escapes to the outside to plant a growing seedling. This Street Movies! event marks the film’s Philadelphia premier.

Green Grease Guzzlers (2010, 30 minutes)

By Green Guerrillas Youth Media Tech Collective

This film excerpt follows the Green Guerillas as they investigate alternative and sustainable transportation, and convert their 1990 Ford Econoline diesel bus into a lean and green biodiesel- and waste veggie oil- powered machine. This Street Movies! event marks the film’s Philadelphia premier.

Save the Future (2009, 3 minutes)

By Jenny Deller

In this companion feature to Deller’s full-length film about global warming, “Future Weather,” a young girl re-imagines her life as a PSA, ultimately blurring the lines between her family troubles and environmental catastrophe.