WAKE UP CALL: Start your day right with GRID’s grab bag of sustainability news

Geeky fashionista

Data sandals, made from old computer parts, are the newest fashion to hit the sustainable runway. The shoes were created by Steven Rodrig, who last summer crafted high heels from circuit boards, uncomfortable but ingenious. While both the sandals and high heels are unwearable, they make great conversation starters and cool center pieces. The data sandals are for sale on Etsy for $350.  TreeHugger

Orange goo in Alaska raises concerns

Last week, a massive amount of orange goo washed up on Alaska’a northwest coast. Residents were concerned the goo was pollution, but on Monday, scientists confirmed it to be crustacean eggs. Scientists haven't identified the eggs' species, but say “they are all natural.” Reuters

$8/dozen eggs

By 9:30 a.m. on Saturday morning Grazin' Angus Acres had already sold out of their $8/dozen organic eggs. Growing and harvesting the eggs, which come from chickens fed organic grain, is a labor-intensive process and the price tag is rightfully high, says the farm. But how high is too high for quality food? And can price tags like these actually help reform the food system?  The Atlantic

Seattle carbon neutral promise

A little over a year ago Seattle made a promise to be carbon-neutral by 2050. With less than 40 years to meet this epic goal, the city has already started making changes. Seattle is now proud owners of a hydroelectric project and are asking residents to cut their car emissions in half by relying on public transportation. They also plan to upgrade or enact new energy efficiency standards to 90% of all buildings. GOOD