Share the Wealth: Skillshare offers opportunities for gifting "green" know-how

No one’s good at everything, but everyone is good at something. This is exactly the ideathat Skillshare – an NYC-based startup – wants participants to practice. The company “is a community marketplace for offline classes” that invites interested folks to attend or teach classes led by fellow community members, creating a sustainable system of give and take.

Although Skillshare’s Philadelphia chapter has not been officially “unlocked” (the site must first receive 500 email sign-ups and 50 Pilot Classes) the interest is clearly there – 466 of the 500 email address spots have been filled and 16 Pilot Classes are up on the site. Offerings include “Cheap Dating for the Debonair,” “Felt Your Heart Out!” and “The Girl’s Guide to Fantasy Football.”

Although the selection of classes currently in the works in Philly are not specifically “green” in nature, opportunities abound to utilize Skillshare for spreading environmentally-beneficial knowledge. Take for example the Skillshare community that has been created in NYC thus far. As the site where the company got its start, the booming metropolis is well ahead of the game. Classes include, “How to Make Baby Food from Scratch,” “Eat: Organic. Healthy. Easy. On a Budget,” a how-to on living green in the city, and “Shop Like a Pro at a Farmers Market.”

All environmentally conscious in nature, all taught by folks who have a passion for the subject matter and practice in the field. Philly’s sustainability scene is booming, and bursting at the seams with gardening, cooking, and DIY experts – step forward folks and spread your know-how with the greater community. Visit and search for Philadelphia, PA to get the ball rolling.