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Barn Door is Closed

Mark Bittman has (in most cases) been “Banned From the Barn” on attempts to get an up close look at the facilities that house the chickens and pigs that supply the overwhelming majority of our nation’s meat and eggs. If we can’t see the food that we eat, how do we know it’s safe? NY Times Opinionator

The Sacrificial School Kitchen

Columnist Tom Philpott on Philly’s decision to close 26 school cafeteria kitchens to cut $2.3 million from the city’s budget of the overall $629 million deficit. Students will be served pre-cooked, frozen meals trucked in from New York. Mother Jones

Work It Power It

Self-generating treadmills go sans wall plug and generate power while you break a sweat. SportsArt Fitness recently announced a new line of fitness equipment that turns your muscle-pumping power into usable energy. GirlieGirl Army

Breath In Breath Out

Yesterday, the EPA announced new protections – The Cross-State Air Pollution Rule -- to reduce power plant emissions of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide which could help Americans living with respiratory illnesses breath a little easier. Grist

How the CSAP will affect states across the nation | Map via epa.gov