The Wedding Issue: Tie One On

story by Ariela Rose | photo by Emily WrenBetter known for their whimsical mustache-on-a-stick hand-held disguises, design duo Something’s Hiding in Here are currently spending their time creating funky bow ties using found vintage fabrics in a rainbow of colors and patterns.

Stephen Loidolt and Shauna Alterio create their FORAGE bow ties (named for the process of hunting down perfect material) in the tire factory-turned-loft they call home. Completely involved in every process of manufacturing, Loidolt and Alterio select, cut and sew the selected fabric into a statement accessory for the dapper lad or lady. Once the ties themselves are created, they letterpress each tag and package the ties in hand-printed, vintage-style boxes. If you’re keen on smart dressing beyond the big day, pair your limited-edition bow tie with a well-made suit that will come in handy long after the wedding vows are exchanged. If you don’t see a formal occasion in your near, post-wedding future, rent a suit or tuxedo instead.

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