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A satellite lunch. Image via fedupwithschoollunch.blogspot.comSo Long Fresh School Lunch

Providing healthy, fresh school lunches is getting harder in Philadelphia. The school district has recently released plans to close kitchens at 26 elementary and middle schools, replacing on-site lunches with “satellite” meals, pre-fabricated lunches cooked off-site and delivered to schools. Philadelphia Inquirer

Food Safety Not a Priority

A bill recently approved by the House would eliminate produce testing for pathogens, like salmonella and the deadly E.coli strain recently found in Germany. Industry representatives call the testing duplicative, although over the past two years this testing has resulted in at least 19 produce recalls. Chicago Tribune

Long Live Jaws

The Bahamas has joined other international diving destinations in their official protection of sharks. The Caribbean nation has banned all commercial shark fishing and the sale of shark products. The U.S. currently bans finning, but not fishing, although some states are passing stricter protection laws. Green via NY Times

Oil Spill Worsens

Surprise, surprise, oil from the ExxonMobil pipeline that ruptured over the weekend in Montana is spreading further than originally estimated. Historic flooding on the Yellowstone River is elevating damages and making it harder for clean-up crews to do their job. Guardian