WAKE UP CALL: Start your day right with GRID's grab bag of sustainability news

Farm bed in a truck bed | Image via culinate.comTruck Farm

Growing of any kind in any nook and cranny of an urban setting is a trend we welcome with open arms. Brooklyn-based filmmaker, and farming enthusiast Curt Ellis (“King Corn,” “The Greening of Southie”) teamed up with a friend to create a Truck Farm – quite literally a small growing space in the back of an ’86 Dodge pick-up truck. Culinate

You Pollute, You Pay

Could getting polluters to pay for the environmental and health costs they impose on our society help solve the budget crisis? A carbon tax should at least be part of the debate. Grist  

Battle of the Bag

Despite the well-known environmental destruction plastic bags are known to cause, and initiatives in China, Delhi, and San Francisco to ban the use of the bags, the United States is slow to enact a nation-wide initiative to rid our landfills of the thin-skinned culprits. Campaigns, pressure, and lawsuits by major plastic bag manufacturers may have something to do with this. Rolling Stone  

Fracking Regulations

Yesterday, the EPA proposed to control air pollution at oil and gas wells, notably those drilled by the method of hydraulic fracturing. Big news for places like Wyoming, Texas, Colorado, and our own Pennsylvania where fracking has caused both water and air pollution. The proposed regulations are designed to eliminate most releases of pollutants that cause smog and soot, and put new controls on storage tanks and transmission pipelines. If enacted, the rules would reduce 1/4 of cancer-causing air pollution. Huffington Post