Green TV: DVGBC video to air on MiND TV

Grid isn't the only sustainability organization in Philly basking in the TV spotlight. Today through July 30, Philadelphia-based MiND TV will be airing a video by the Delaware Valley Green Building Council (DVGBC). DVGBC is a nonprofit member organization dedicated to bringing sustainable and environmentally responsible planning, design, construction, and operations to the buildings and communities of the Delaware Valley region. The almost five-minute video was made by DVGBC and features members of the Council discussing their work and the importance of green building. The video even won bronze award at this year’s 32nd Annual Telly Awards.  

MiND (Media Independence) TV is a nonprofit television and internet channel that “emphasizes learning, social awareness, and a hands-on approach to media” with a local and community focus. As part of this mission, MiND helps individuals and organizations create their own videos via online resources as well as workshops, mentoring and assistance with specific aspects of video production.    

July is environmental education month on MiND TV, so look for other videos by organization's featured in GRID, including the Schuylkill Center, Nature Conservancy, Pedal Co-Op, Urban Blazers, and Greensaw. 

The video will air at 8:05 p.m., July 27-30 on Broadcast TV: CH 35.1; Comcast: 20, 35, 98; Direct TV: 35; FIOS: 35; Cablevision 15, 23. And, if you miss the programming, you can catch the video online at