WAKE UP CALL: Start your day right with GRID's grab bag of sustainability news

infographic via mint.com

Gas guzzling cities

A new infographic created by mint.com shows which cities in the U.S. are paying the most for gas; therefore using the most gas. Not only does this show which cities are producing the greatest carbon footprint, but illustrating which cities need to become more walkable! From coast to coast, San Jose, California ranks #1, with $216 being spent on gas per month. Birmingham, Alabama scores close second with $212 spent guzzling gas every month. Treehugger

Compost toilets

While summer usually entails long days outside, headbanging to your favorite jams at  music festivals, it also means a lot of trash. Cups, paper, plastics, and yes, even port-a-potty litter. A group in the UK has invented a mobile composting toilet, made from all natural materials! Need I say more? GOOD 

Greenest College Campus

Butte College in Oroville, California has become the first college in United States history to generate more electricity from its solar panels than it will consume, delivering power back to the electric grid.  Recently Butte College installed 25,000 solar panels, generating over 6.5 million kilowatts--the equivalent of removing 615 cars from the road. Butte College is situated on a 928-acre wildlife refuge and and even has a self-contained water system--now that’s grid positive. PRNewswire 

Front Lawn Status Quo

In the midst of all this heat, what are Americans most concerned about? Their front lawn. Learn up with some education about front-lawn America and how much of the water we should be using for drinking is going into grass (which provides us with... oh, right. No food, just bragging rights within our community.) GRIST