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A look at the hot hot heat coming to the US this Friday (click to enlarge) | Image via motherjones.comBurning Up

Extreme weather records are being broken across the globe this year, running the gamut from wettest, driest, warmest, and coldest; to snowiest, stormiest, and fieriest. In July alone, the United States broke or tied 1,079 total heat records in every state except for Delaware. The unprecedented temperatures are exasperated by extreme humidity and have led to drought, wildfires, high concentrations of carbon monoxide, and poor air quality. Mother Jones

These Streets Were Made For Walking

Promoter of leaving the car at home and taking your feet to the street, Walk Score, released its 2011 ranking of America’s Most Walkable Cities and Neighborhoods today. New York City took the number one spot out of the 2,500 cities rated with a Walk Score of 85.3 out of 100, while Philly came in at a respectable number five with a score of 74.1. Lace up your sneakers, and get moving; next year we’re taking number 1! Treehugger

Sun-Powered Scandal

Through solar leasing, thousands of homeowners have been offered a chance to go solar with “no money down.” Unfortunately, big banks have taken advantage of the solar leasing program via writing off millions in taxes by overreporting the cost of financed solar PV projects. Grist via Energy Self-Reliant States

Cooling Power of the Sun

According to a team of researchers at the UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering, solar panels don’t only provide a clean source of power, they also help to keep a building cool. What’s more, tilted solar panels actually create a stronger cooling affect than those that are flush with the roof. PHYSORG

Greenwashing Water

“Organic water” is a complete marketing gimmick. Water is not alive, meaning it can not be certified as organic. Case closed. Good