Wind All the Way: Yards becomes PA's first 100% wind-powered brewery

A nice pairing at GRID's 1 Year Anniversary Party at YardsThe brewery that brings you popular suds including Philadelphia Pale Ale, Brawler, Love Stout, the thirst-quenching Saison, and the Philly-centric Ales of the Revolution is throwing caution to the wind – wind power that is.

Yards Brewing Company just announced that it will now use 100 percent CleanSteps WindPower from Washington Gas Energy Services, Inc. (WGES) to satisfy its power needs. According to WGES head honcho Harry Warren, the purchase is equivalent to burning about 52,000 fewer gallons of gasoline, or removing 91 cars from the road for one year.

The use of wind power also does not require the installation of new equipment or wiring. Instead, WGES notifies a company’s current local electric utility of the change and then WGES charges are reflected on the monthly bill sent by the local utility.

Exciting news for Yards, but not an unexpected turn for a business already dedicated to “green” initiatives. The brew pub’s tasting room is outfitted with bar tops made from reclaimed bowling alley lanes; floors made from recycled concrete; block walls covered in earthen American clay; and entirely reclaimed furniture, fixtures and equipment. Yards also offers customers reusable growlers, and donates grains to local farms to use as feed once the brewing process is through.