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The elusive Rainbow Toad | Image via NY Times Green Blog

Rainbow Toad Return

Last seen in 1924, the Borneo rainbow toad, which resembles a splattered paint canvas, was rediscovered this summer in Indonesia. In the high ridges of Gunung Penrissen range on June 12, Indraneil Das, a herpetologist at the University of Malaysia at Sarawak State led a research team that found the toad about six feet up a tree. Since brightly colored amphibians are coveted pets in Asia, Das is keeping the exact location of the rainbow toad under wraps for its protection. GreenBlog via NYTimes

Menhaden Monopoly

The multi-million dollar business, Omega Protein, which catches fish and turns them into everything from livestock feed to omega-3 pills, is over-fishing the Atlantic menhaden (claimed to be the most important fish in the sea). Omega Protein owns a monopoly on menhaden fishing and processing and has for several years now. Along the eastern shore, the menhaden population has entered a rapid decline, causing dozens of species who rely on the menhaden for food to suffer. MotherJones

Bovines over Badgers

Tens of thousands of badgers could be shot each year following a victory for farmers who have long rallied for the controlled killing of the species they believe is responsible for spreading bovine tuberculosis to cattle. UK Secretary of State for the Department of Environment Caroline Spelman is an advocate of the cull, but first a nine-week consultation confirming that the cull is “humane, effective, and safe” and two trial culls must take place. Guardian

Plum Awesome

When expecting mother, Caroline O’Conner began feeling overwhelmed by the vast amounts of stuff she was receiving for her baby, she put her thinking cap on and came up with Plum, a  subscription service that functions like Netflix, and offers parents the baby clothes they need only when they need them. With Plum, parents can order size specific clothes and then return them after their child has grown out of them. As an added bonus, all clothes are washed in organic laundry detergent. GOOD

See the video below for more information on how Plum works: