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Image via simbania.wordpress.comWhen Manatees Rule the World

A manatee protection conspiracy theory? Yep, that’s the latest issue Florida tea partiers are tackling. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has expanded the federal wildlife refuge in Citrus County to protect native manatees, but tea partiers believe it is part of a greater attempt “to make humans into livestock.” Mother Jones and St. Petersburg Times

NYC Water Not Safe

The historic underground water supply tunnels of New York City could be close to possible contamination. The latest draft of fracking guidelines in New York State could put natural gas drilling within 1,000 feet of the tunnels. This is a big difference compared with the seven-mile buffer zone once promised. Pro Publica  

Agent Orange is Back

The age of Agent Orange use isn’t over. Ranchers are using the deadly herbicide to stealthily clear the Amazon rainforest. An estimated 440 acres have already been poisoned. Guardian

“Healthy” Food Advertising

The government and public health advocates are in a tug of war over which foods should and should not be advertised to children. Foods like Goldfish crackers, Apple Jacks and Chef Boyardee have been making nutritional guideline cuts in the past, but new regulations are pushing the food industry to reconsider their “healthy” offerings. NY Times