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The skinny house will be built in an alley way | Image via smartplanet.comThe Skinny on Housing

In Warsaw, resident Etgar Keret is getting ready to move into his new home. Instead of stocking up on plates, cups, and furniture, Keret isn’t making any pre-move preparations, because his house is only 40 feet long and 60 inches wide. This home sweet home is “The World’s Skinniest House” and is narrower than most American couches.  Grist via the WSJ

Buzz Worthy

On Sunday, July 10 a truck carrying 14 million bees crashed in Idaho, releasing the bees and spilling their honey. Fire crews reported numerous bee stings and spotted a grizzly bear crossing the highway in hopes of scoring some honey. DailyMail

Burger King to promote AppleFries

Today, July 14, the National Restaurant Association came out with a new healthy eating initiative called Kids Live Well.  What this program is set up to do is subsitute more healthful snacks such as "apple freis" instead of the starchy filled ones.  A small red apple logo will be stampled onto foods at Fast Food chains to signify a healthy choice food.  Also, Burger King has agreed to automatically give apple slices and milk or juice with the KidsMeal from  now on, so kids have to ask for fries and soda instead of just recieving them! GOOD

 Al Gore Takes on Reality TV

Al Gore is at it again! This former V.P. and Nobel Prize winner is bringing climate change to reality TV. Dubbed “The Climate Reality Project” the online program will stream live video of Gore and his team as they travel around the world and report on the impact of global warming. The first live stream will be a 24-hour event on September 14-15 and will be available in multiple languages and time zones for a worldwide audience. Green Blog via NYTimes