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Get your kids growing one book at a time | Image via TreehuggerBook Worms

Five books to transform your kids from TV tranced consumers to budding young gardeners. Including the Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s Gardening with Children and Sharon Lovejoy’s Roots, Shoots, Buckets & Boots. Treehugger

Career Change

Although the unemployment is climbing dangerously close to 9.2 percent, a recent look at the increase in job postings under the “sustainability” category may suggest that the green job market is faring better. Grist via the Wall Street Journal

Slash the Fast Food

Research suggests that providing grocery stores to areas identified as “food deserts” does not necessarily lead to healthier eating habits. Instead, solving the rampant issue of obesity may mean eliminating cheap fast food altogether. GOOD

Cracking Big Egg

The Humane Society of the United States and the United Egg Producers have joined together in a revolutionary push for legislation that would be the “first federal law address the treatment of animals on farms.” The legislation proposes less cramped conditions, and environments that will allow birds to express natural behaviors. Congress must still make the (presumably drawn out) decision to approve the legislation, and if it is passed stringent monitoring of the United Egg Producers is in order. Mother Jones