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Image via fitnessgoop.comWater with a Side of BPA

Switching from reusable plastic water bottles to metal ones may not be the best way to avoid getting bisphenol A (BPA) in your beverage. A new study shows that an epoxy-resin lining in some metal bottles leaches the chemical. The good news: most name brand bottles don’t have the lining. ScienceNew

Turning Exercise into Electricity

At Drexel University, students are using their speed and strength for more than a workout. Cardio elliptical machines have been retrofitted so energy exerted during a workout is converted into electricity and goes straight to the power grid. NPR

Carbon Tax to Pass

Australian Prime Minister Julie Gillard is fighting climate change in a big way. Over the weekend Gillard announced a carbon-pricing program—a move most American politicians consider nothing less than career suicide. While three-fifths of Australians are still against the carbon tax, the program is expected to pass, making a major milestone in climate change policy. GOOD and Sydney Morning Herald

Fracking Fluid No Good for Trees

Fracking fluid is proving to be just as damaging to vegetation as it is to other aspects of the environment. A study by the U.S. Forest Service found that the spreading the fluid on a forested area can result in significant tree death. The study suggests better disposal of fracking wastewater is needed to protect vegetation. Green Blog via NY Times