WAKE UP CALL: Start your day right with GRID's grab bag of sustainability news

Julie Bass' garden could land her in the slammer | Image via TreeHugger

Fugitive Gardening

A woman in Oak Park, Michigan may face 93-days in jail for planting a vegetable garden in her front yard. According to the Oak Park City Planner, the yard breaks city code in that it strays from the community norm – boasting raised beds filled with edibles, rather than the regular grass and trees. Fox Detroit

Regulation Relapse

On July 1st the USDA announced its decision not to regulate a “Roundup Ready” strain of Kentucky bluegrass. The decision could mean major changes are in store for how the USDA handles GMOs, one of which could be less oversight. Mother Jones

Pidgeon Shoed

Jojo, an eco-conscious European shoe company wanted to cut down on the carbon emissions that delivering its products racked up. The solution; Delivering the sleek kicks via carrier pigeon. Tree Hugger

Convening for Change

A new social networking website called Change by Us NYC officially launched last week, but this site strays far from the worlds of Facebook and Twitter. More of a “social network for civic activity,” it’s designed to be a forum where NYCers can share ideas and projects with the power to improve a particular place. The first question posed? “Hey NYC! How can we make our city a greener, better place to live?” GOOD

Local extras:

How Philly quadruped recycling rates in four years. Newsworks

West Philly’s Penn Park is growing greener by the day. PlanPhilly

Gigi and Big R’s Caribbean Soul Food truck gets the big Vendy Award win. CBS Philly