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Throw some bulgur burgers on the grille | Image via thedailygreen.comFrackity-Frack Don't Come Back

New York may ban fracking in the NYC and Syracuse watersheds, as well as all state-owned land. An executive order prohibiting fracking issued last year by former NY Gov. David Paterson is set to expire today, but the Dept. of Environmental Conservation also released a 900-page document recommending revisions to gas well permitting rules yesterday. The document will be available for public comment and revisions for 60-days, during which no fracking will be permitted. Associated Press

Eating Up NOx

Aluminum company Alcoa believes that its new line of panels coated with a product called EcoClean may have the ability to eat-up smog and reduce harmful nitrogen oxide (NOx) pollutants. Although the panels are not on the market yet, Alcoa claims that 10,000 sq. ft. of the panels (installed on buildings) have the air cleansing power of 80 trees. NPR

Veggie Works

A round-up of (mostly) seasonal and organic 4th of July vegetarian recipes, and eco-conscious libations. May we suggest leaning towards Philly farmers market ingredients, and local brews? The Daily Green

You Saw This Coming: A Case Against Fireworks

Yes, fireworks are an eye-catching and nostalgic celebration of our nation’s independence, but the bright lights wreak havoc on our environment – firing over ¼ of a million pounds of toxic heavy metals into the atmosphere. Hate to rain on your holiday weekend plans, but why not stick to grilling up delicious local eats, and bike rides in the sun? Tree Hugger