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"Cambridge Crude," a gooey substance that powers the MIT Team's new battery design | Image via web.mit.eduRecycling Spelled Out

The Sustainable Packaging Coalition is currently working on a project to redesign recycling labels. The new labels will shun the current confusing number system, and instead favor labels with words. So far, four versions have been proposed: “widely recycled,” “limited recycling,” “not recycled,” and “store drop-off.” Finally, some clarity. GOOD

Join the Green Scene

A mix of government investment, tax breaks, loans, and other incentives for clean-energy technologies in Europe and Asia have seen huge growth in these continents’ “green” business scenes. However, it seems as though the U.S.’s investment in “going green” is falling short. NY Times

This Battery is Bananas!

A new battery design created by researchers at MIT could change the world of electric vehicles and power grid technology. The new design should cut the cost of a battery system in half, making electric vehicles competitive with those powered by gas and diesel. MIT News and Grist

Climate-Ready Rating

New-media company Triple Pundit performed an analysis of the country’s cities to determine who’s on the top of the list for climate-readiness. Criteria included political commitment, green buildings, university leadership, transit access, clean tech investment, and energy and greenhouse gas emissions. San-Francisco earned the number one spot out of the top 10 cities, and Philly tied with New York for the respectable number seven seat. Triple Pundit via TreeHugger