Member Mobility: South Philly Food Co-op moves towards a storefront

Image via southphillyfoodcoop.orgOn Monday, June 6, the Steering Committee of the South Philly Food Co-op announced that the organization is now accepting applications and equity investments for new member-owners. This is a big move for the Co-op, and a critical step in their quest to open a community-owned grocery in the near future. 

The idea for the Co-op was conceived by a group of South Philly residents with the common goal to provide a place where residents on the south side of the city could find locally-sourced and organic goods at fair prices. By connecting with neighbors, and now, initiating the process of incurring members, the Co-op's founders are embarking on the most necessary phase in the process of establishing a member-owned business.

Those who apply for membership, and agree to invest in the establishment of the grocery, will help raise the funds necessary for performing a market analysis, and eventually opening a storefront. They will also be eligible to run for a position on the Co-op's board of directors, which will be selected on June 29th. Jumping on-board at this early phase means having a say in crucial decisions, including storefront location and the selection of products offered.

If you're a South Philly resident just itching for a neighborhood spot where you can get your fix of local/organic offerings, visit the Co-op's site for more information on how to join. Membership investments are $200, and can be paid in full up front, or in installments.