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Cattle Cruelty

TV documentary footage revealed the cruel torture Australian cattle are subjected to in Indonesian slaughterhouses prompting a ban on exports to 11 slaughterhouses, and many Australians seek out ethically raised meat, or ditch the beef altogether. (Link)

Posthumous Carbon Footprint

You drive a hybrid, recycle, compost, and eschew meat, but are you planning to leave the world in an equally Earth-friendly way? The low-down on “green” burials. (Link)

Nature’s Worth

The U.K.’s National Ecosystem Assessment put a monetary value on nature – bees pollinating plants, fresh flowing water, cleansing coral, and the like added up to billions of pounds. Four environmental organizations in the U.S. are working on a similar initiative called the Natural Capital Project (video below). (Link)

Hard to Stomach

The E.U.’s food safety system is called into question as officials search for the source of the most recent outbreak of e. coli, which has been linked to 2.300 infections and 22 deaths. (Link)

One Person’s Trash…

“The Garbage Cube,” an interactive eco-art installation in China puts CO2 emissions and waste production on display, revealing the threats of pollution, drought, and climate change the country faces if personal responsibility is not taken. (Link)