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Image via smartlifeways.comRising population + warming planet = struggling food supply

As the world’s population rapidly expands, the strain on the global food supply only becomes more severe. Add the issue of climate change and we have a serious problem on our hands. Although we’re developing new crop varieties and technologies, how much will this help? Be sure to check out the accompanying graphic as well—a visual cliff notes of sorts on the issue. Link   

Hidden dangers in compost

While composting can be an ideal way to dispose of organic waste, there are concerns that compost could contain contaminants that threaten humans and the environment. Compost currently isn’t required to be screened for contaminants, although random testing of compost used in organic agriculture has turned up elevated levels of lead and trace amounts of pesticides. Link  

States propose GMO labels

As the genetically modified AquAdvantage salmon comes closer to being approved, more states are proposing labels for these altered organisms. Some states would apply labels to all genetically modified foods, others just to the salmon. Link (original map from Chicago Tribune, link)

Israel goes solar

This weekend, Israel launched its first solar field. The nation is taking renewable energy seriously, having already announced an ambitious electric plan. The solar field’s developers expect this to significantly change energy use for the nation. Link

Tornados, but no climate change policy

In the wake of last month’s devastating tornados, President Obama said to victims that these extreme weather events are “beyond our power to control.” So, how do these tornados relate to other extreme weather events currently happening around the world? And why is this not affecting a U.S. climate change policy? Link