WAKE UP CALL: Start your day right with GRID's grab bag of sustainability news

Forget Farmville

A new conservation-themed game has hit facebook, possibly the best thing to come since Farmville…This game challenges players to protect endangered wildlife and the environment in a virtual world. However, if you achieve game-world success, you may be helping wildlife in the real world as well. (Link)

Clinton, Cities, Climate

Recently, Bill Clinton urged mayors at the Large Cities Climate Summit to focus on reducing methane emissions. Harnessing methane could make a big difference rather quickly. He also believes that going after black carbon is another way to easily tackle climate change. (Link)

Flawed Food

The movement away from our flawed food system, full of dangerous and unsustainable practices, is growing stronger by the day. Many consumers lack power over and knowledge about what we eat and this comes from a lack of government regulation. Oxfam is launching its GROW campaign in order to change this. (Link)

River’s Ruin

To save the drought-ridden and dying north, China made a flawed plan to divert water from the south in order to satisfy the drinking needs of the people up north. Scientists say that this interference will cause the death or serious injury of the Han River, a tributary of the Yangtze that provides water to farmers and manufacturers and is a major lifeline for millions of residents. (Link)

Nemo’s Nemesis

Our oceans absorb a large amount of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, which is slowly causing them to be more acidic. This is a big problem for species, especially those in coral reefs. Recently, scientists found that the clownfish’s hearing is being affected by this. (Link)

No Nuclear = More Emissions

The shutdown of many nuclear power plants in Germany may cause tons of carbon dioxide emissions in the hundreds of millions. This will primarily be caused by the increase in coal usage after nuclear energy is phased out. (Link)