Hitchin' a Ride: PhillyPatientRide completes 1,000th ride

In our January issue (Community, pg.14) we told you about PhillyPatientRide, a program launched by PhillyCarShare and the American Cancer Society that provides free transportation for cancer patients to treatments by linking them with warm-hearted volunteers.

Since the empathic carpooling program officially made its debut, over 100 volunteers have helped patients reach their vital appointments using PhillyCarShare’s city-wide fleet of vehicles. On Tuesday, the program announced the completion of its 1,000th ride!

By partnering with Temple, Jefferson, Hahneman, UPenn, and Pennsylvania hospitals PPR is providing a much needed service – for patients, missing an appointment can mean an interruption in the vital flow of cancer treatment. In fact, Temple reported in 2010 that 40 percent of its patients are in need of transportation assistance, and many run into barriers when taking public transit is too strenuous or family members are unavailable.

Here’s how the program’s numbers break down thus far, and how you can help it grow even more:

(Jan 1, 2011 to May 31, 2011)

  • 1,000 rides fulfilled
  • 111 volunteer drivers trained and ready to drive
  • 202 additional individuals who have inquired about the volunteer opportunity
  • 100% of patients served by PhillyPatientRide said that they would recommend the program to other patients          
  • Approximately 50% of active volunteers are University students

To volunteer, you must be at least 21 and hold a valid driver’s license. Whether you own a car or not, full access to PhillyCarShare vehicles is offered. For more information on the program, and to sign up to volunteer, email Natasha Boothman at info@phillypatientride.org