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Bike Fixation stations help you help yourself | Image via bikefixtation.comEurope; Where Tormenting Drivers is Law

European cities, including Vienna, Munich, Copenhagen, Barcelona, and Paris are creating hostile road environments to make driving expensive, and just down right miserable. Hope is to tilt drivers to more environmentally friendly modes of transport. NY Times

“Blood, Sweat, and Fear”

A look at the history of the US meat industry over the past 80 years reveals animal abuse, labor abuse, and a big business that just keeps on growing and consolidating. Mother Jones

Protecting What’s Native

Bolivian President Eva Morales signed a law this week to increase the country’s food security via setting up state-owned companies to produce seeds and fertilizer; the creation of a seed bank to preserve native plants; improving genetic agricultural stock through natural selection; and rejecting the invasion of GMO seeds from other countries. TreeHugger

Philadelphia Needs a Bike Repair Vending Machine, Now

Bike Fixation, an extremely small company still getting its legs, has created a one-stop post for bikers who find themselves in need of air for their tires, a quick repair, or even just a snack. Operating on an extended-hours basis out of two locations (one opened, one pending) in Minneapolis, the kiosks are a quick and convenient way to service your bike and pedal on. A question remains though...“How environmentally-friendly are the machines themselves?” Grist