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Pollution reducing billboard in the Phillipines. Image via good.isLiving Billboard

A new billboard in the Philippines is adding to the city’s green space. The ad for Coca-Cola is made of 3,600 potted Fukien tea plants and will absorb close to 46,800 pounds of carbon dioxide annually. GOOD

Fracking Skeptics

Is the natural gas industry all it’s “fracked” up to be? The latest installments in the New York Times’ “Drilling Down” series report on e-mails among scientists, energy experts, industry executives, and government officials expressing doubt in the supply of natural gas available and the ability to extract it all. NY Times

High Hopes for Lowering Emissions

The White House has proposed improving mileage standards to 56.2 miles/gallon by 2025, which would significantly reduce the nation’s oil consumption and carbon output. However, U.S. automakers aren’t setting their sights quite so high. Washington Post

Traveling at the Speed of Solar

A high-speed rail line running from Paris to Amsterdam now boasts a two-mile solar panel-topped tunnel. The tunnel passes Antwerp and was built to avoid cutting down protected trees in the area. Guardian