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A graph of extreme weather and damage costs. For full graph click image. (Mother Jones)A Year for the Books

Hurricane season has barely started and the year 2011 has already cost more than a billion dollars in weather disaster damages—the highest recorded amount ever. Mother Jones

Clean water means no drilling?

EPA has chosen seven natural gas drilling sites to evaluate effects of fracking on local drinking water. Three of the seven are Marcellus Shale sites in Pennsylvania. Green Blog, NY Times

The Global Warming Fight

Al Gore critiques Obama’s failure to take serious action on climate change and compares “professional wrestling” with the global warming fight of “Science and Reason” vs. “Poisonous Polluters and Right-wing Idealogues.” Rolling Stone

Clean Water Act Threatened

Almost 40 years of clean water law could be overturned by legislation being fast-tracked through the House. The legislation would prevent the EPA from protecting public health and water quality. Greenwire via NY Times

Food Revolution in Haiti

As Haiti’s capital Port-au-Prince still struggles to rebuild after the earthquake, peasant agriculture is thriving in rural towns like Papaye. Orion