Park Preservation: Help save East Kensington's Emerald Park

A center piece of land in Emerald Park, an icon of greenery and art in the East Kensington community, is up for sale. This park was created in 1996 by the Pennsylvania Horticulture Society to replace burned or condemned homes, creating a glimmer of beauty for East Kensington residents.

Today, the park’s wildlife and blossoming greenery draw neighbors to relax on wooden benches, picnic with friends, and view murals created by the city's Mural Arts program.

What will change with the sale of one mere slice of the park? As it turns out, a lot. Fifteen years of abundant growth will be destroyed, townhouses will be built in its place, and only the memories of picnics, yoga, and sports in the park will linger.

The owner has agreed to negotiate with the East Kensington Neighbors Association for $34,000, and you can help raise the funds. Simply donate what you can afford to give here, and help save this valuable green space.

To learn more about the park, and the impact of this loss of land, check out the Facebook group: Emerald Park in East Kensington:  Help Save this Neighborhood Oasis.