Lower your energy costs and support the South Philly Co-op!

Image via companyelectric.comLower your energy bill and support the South Philly Food Co-op (SPFC) by switching your energy provider to the Energy Cooperative. For every new member with a SPFC referral, the Energy Cooperative will give the Food Co-op $20.

The member-owned, nonprofit energy supplier was founded by Weaver’s Way in 1979 and provides affordable, sustainable energy to Pennsylvania residents. The Energy Cooperative offers Bioheat, a cleaner-burning fuel, as well as biodiesel. All renewable power, including hydroelectric, solar and wind, is purchased in Pennsylvania.

Money from the Energy Cooperative will support the SPFC’s effort to open a community grocery store.  

To participate, list “South Philly Food Co-op” in the application’s “How did you hear about  us?” section. You do not need to be a member of the SPFC to participate.

The referral program ends Sept. 30, 2011, so make the switch soon. More information about Energy Cooperative membership can be found online or by calling 215-413-2122.