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Image via fastlane.dot.govBike Super Highway

The Association of American State Highway and Transportation Officials has approved the first new routes in the national bike system (essentially a country-traversing highway for cyclists) in more than 30 years. Six new routes will be added to the 1980s-born system in Maine, New Hampshire, Michigan, and Alaska. As the popularity of biking continues to rise, hopes are to have a network of cycling routes that runs from coast to coast. GOOD

Dirty Dozen vs. Clean Fifteen

The EWG’s annual “Dirty Dozen” and “Clean Fifteen” lists of produce with the most and least pesticide residue does not reveal the impact that pesticide exposure has on farm workers. The chemicals do pose a real threat to consumers who purchase produce grown using pesticides, but it’s those who live on and around farms that are most at risk. When it comes down to it, the Clean Fifteen aren’t much cleaner than the Dirty Dozen. Mother Jones

GM-Free No More?

There are no genetically modified (GM) crops grown commercially in the UK…yet. Rothamsted Research, a leading plant research center, has applied for government permission to begin a trial of aphid-resistant, GM wheat. If approved, 24 hour security will be used to prevent anti-GM protesters from destroying the crop. Guardian 

The Weight of Natural Gas

When it comes to air pollution, the conversation over the benefits and negatives of natural gas extraction continue. Industry officials argue that the overall benefits of natural gas use versus a heavy reliance on coal for air quality outweigh negatives; while opponents point to the pollution the process causes, and call for much cleaner production practices. NPR