Toadlet Explosion: Roxborough Reservoir's Toad Detour Project

Keep your car off the roads surrounding Roxborough Reservoir for the next two weeks, as thousands of toadlets are in the process of crossing the roads to reach their new woodland home.

Since the birth of these toadlets, Toad Detour volunteers have reported spotting masses of tiny toads alongside Port Royal Road, and on June 13th 2,000 were counted migrating from the reservoir.

The problem with these toadlets migrating across busy roads is that they are minuscule in size, and from a distance resemble spiders rather than slimy amphibians.

The Philadelphia Streets Department has issued a permit, effective until July 1st, to close part of Eva Street and Port Royal for the toadlet migration. Toad Detour volunteers have set up road barricades to detour traffic from 7 - 9 p.m., the time when most toadlets make their harrowing journeys. However, toadlets can and will cross the road during the day, so keep you eyes peeled and if possible avoid roads surrounding the Reservoir for the next two weeks. 

If you are interested in helping the little guys to safety as a Toad Detour Volunteer, contact or call 267-719-3546. Find out more about Toad Detour  here