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Image via transitionvoice.comSuffering From Sushi

No longer a hand-crafted delicacy available only in Japan, sushi has spread across the world. But the increase in sushi’s popularity doesn’t come without consequences. Two new documentaries address the environmental and cultural issues of the sushi economy. Green via NY Times

National Monument Still Untouched

The Grand Canyon will remain untouched for at least a few more months thanks to an extended ban by the U.S. Interior Department on mining claims in the area. Guardian

Gaps in Fracking Laws

Despite state laws requiring energy companies to disclose chemicals used in hydrofracking, the drilling industry is taking advantage of gaps in the legislation. ProPublica

Who is responsible?

On Monday, the Supreme Court unanimously rejected a suit against major power plants, putting further pressure on the EPA and President Obama to restrict carbon pollution and address climate change. LA Times