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Image via blog.cleantechies.comFlying with Biofuel 

The airline industry could be seeing a major reduction in their carbon footprint after the first biofuel jet made a non-stop trans-ocean flight this weekend from New Jersey to Paris. Guardian

Future of Food (Guides)

A crowd-sourced online food guide, Real Time Farms allows people to see exactly what food they’re buying and eating. The guide aims to be “the IMDB of food transparency.” Civil Eats


Ruining the Tomato

You’ll think twice before buying a supermarket tomato after reading this excerpt from food writer Barry Estabrook’s new book Tomatoland—an investigation into how industrial agriculture has ruined the tomato. Gilt Taste and Grist

Smart Supermarkets

Supermarket redesigns could improve your health and your bank account. GOOD

2 Mile Challenge

Take the 2-mile challenge with Clif Bar and reduce your carbon footprint while supporting non-profits. Great Lakes Echo