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The Pekin Bantam Chicken, Image via nationalgeographic.comBreeds and Seeds

A story on heirloom seeds and breeds—how they’re threatened and their potential to provide a food supply that can sustain our rapidly growing population. Don’t miss the photo galleries, especially Uncommon Chickens! National Geographic  

Traffic Stopping Food Labels

A change in food label policy by the EU has the USDA rethinking their Nutritional Facts label. One option, a front-of-package label designed as a “traffic light” was popular among Europeans. Civil Eats  

Salmon Rejected by House

The first genetically modified animal for human consumption has met another obstacle in getting to the dinner table. This week the House voted to prohibit the FDA from approving AquaBounty’s genetically modified salmon. Associated Press  

Cashing in State Parks

Ohio state parks are open for business. State land will be leased for oil and natural gas drilling, which will help pay for maintenance and repairs needed at parks. Cleveland