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Chinook Salmon, Image via nativeamericanencyclopedia.comSearching for Salmon

Since 2008, salmon fishing in California has been restricted due to dwindling populations. So, the opening of the five-month salmon fishing season in the state may seem a welcome relief for area fishermen, but they worry there’s nothing left to catch. LA Times

Conservative Climate Coalition

Former congressman Bob Inglis (R-S.C.) has bucked traditional conservative ways and declared human emissions as the cause of global warming. Inglis has created a new conservative coalition that will work to curb emissions via the free enterprise system, not big government. Greenwire via NY Times

Camping in NYC

The country’s largest city will soon have the largest urban campground. The national parks service has announced plans to convert the Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn, New York City’s first municipal airport, into 90 campsites with more to come. GOOD

Solar Over Steel

The solar industry has grown from a small alternative energy venture to an expansive industry. Employment numbers in solar are edging those in steel manufacturing with the expectation that they will continue to grow. Grist

No More Black Carbon

A reduction in black carbon emissions from industry and cooking fires could significantly slow global warming and have immediate effects on health and air quality, reports a study from the UN. Guardian