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Image via scienceblogs.comArsenic Chicken

Pharmaceutical company Pfizer announced last week it would stop selling roxarsone, an arsenic-laced poultry feed additive that has been used since the 1940s. Despite long-time concerns from scientists, the FDA only recently agreed to test supermarket chickens. Unsurprisingly, they found traces of arsenic. Mother Jones

Clash Over Coal

Over the weekend more than 500 environmental activists and United Mineworkers of America climbed Blair Mountain in West Virginia in protest of mountain top removal. Local miners and families weren’t happy. This wasn’t the first time Blair Mountain has witnessed a clash over coal. Wall Street Journal

To fly or drive?

The website www.befrugal.com recently released their travel cost calculator. Using information from sources like the EPA, Google Maps, and AAA, the calculator determines cost in time, money, and carbon dioxide emissions of driving versus flying. Green Blog at NY Times

Let there be light! (and jobs!)

Increased lighting efficiency standards have created new markets for companies like Cree, the leader in LED manufacturing. LEDs are 75% more efficient than standard bulbs and can last up to 25 years. Cree has hired more than 700 since 2009 at its new plant in Durham, N.C. NRDC


French engineer Georges Mougin has proposed dragging icebergs from the Arctic and Antarctic to regions needing water. It’s a crazy idea, but apparently might be crazy enough to work? GOOD