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Image via designsprout.comBarbie Goes Green

Under increasing pressure from Greenpeace, Mattel Inc. has announced it will stop buying wood products from a Singaporean company responsible for clear-cutting large portions of Indonesia’s rainforest. But Greenpeace is still demanding greater environmental responsibility from the toy company. LA Times


Climate Change?

A video version of the satirical op-ed piece by Bill McKibben published in the Washington Post a couple weeks ago. The audio can be a little difficult to hear, so we suggest reading the article (if you haven’t already) then watching the video. It’s an all-too-real visualization of climate change and its ("non")connection with the scary weather the U.S. been experiencing. GOOD 

“Progress” in India

Gurgaon is the model city for rapid growth and international economic success in India. However, Gurgaon still lacks functioning and reliable basic needs, like a sewer system, electricity, water and citywide public transportation. This is the first in a series on progress in India. NY Times

Power Struggle

EPA clean-air rules could be serious trouble for Ohio-based American Electric Power. Its oldest, most-polluting plants are recommended to be shut down, which would result in significant job loss and an increase in energy costs for Ohio consumers. Columbus Dispatch

High Cost Renewable Energy

The road to replacing nuclear with renewable energy sources in Germany could mean building more fossil-fueled plants. Even if the new plants are replacing old ones, will Germany see a significant increase in carbon emissions? Washington Post