Earth-Inspired Art: Art in the Age presents SUSTAINING SPRING

May 6th marks First Friday, along with the opening reception for Sustaining Spring, a group exhibition presented by Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction featuring a wonderfully eclectic mix of work from six environmentally-inspired Philadelphia artists.

A brief glimpse at the night:

Jibe Design is an award-winning architecture firm that creates profound design with environmentally responsible solutions. Architect Juliet Whelan runs the show, responsible for overseeing outdoor and public art masterpieces. 

BLUEREDYELLOW is a design and natural dye house which works to bring locally sourced, grown and sewn clothing to Philadelphia. This primary-color-named business aims to satisfy the need for comfortable, natural, chemical-free textiles. Blue for indigo, red for madder, and yellow for marigolds!

John Slaby is known for his painted landscapes that invite the viewer to witness technology converging with the natural world. The artist stresses that even the most remote environmental sanctuaries have been touched by human activity. His fun use of color is tantalizing.

Dave Seator and his friends create new environments for mosses, ferns and other
natural wonders; their work finds beauty in the oft-overlooked flora of urban spaces.
Dave is known as the Digital Craftsman. Be sure to check out his charcoal and pencil drawings.

Heather Ossandon is a ceramist and agricultural enthusiast who stresses the functionality and design of her forms, ranging from planters to cordial sets. She’s known to transform trash into treasure-or gilded ceramic artifacts!

Happy Cat Organics is a farm/nursery run by Tim Mountz and his wife Amy Bloom. Happy Cat sells sustainable seeds, plants, produce and products that stimulate local economies and ecosystems. They exist to teach people how to grow and forage their own food sustainably.

The environment as an inspiration is always a beautiful thing. Don’t miss out on this display celebrating the art and wonder of the natural world.

Sustaining Spring Opening Reception
When: Friday, May 6, 6-8 p.m.
Where: 116 N. 3rd Street
Cost: FREE
More info: