WAKE UP CALL: Start your day right with GRID's grab bag of sustainability news

It’s Electric

The UK does it again. Last Thursday, London Mayor Boris Johnson launched the Source London charge point network -- a collection of locations where residents can charge electric vehicles. Spots range from supermarkets to street corners and customers will pay an annual fee. (Link)

Reluctant Race

Recently, it has become apparent that GOP hopefuls do not plan on discussing or addressing climate change with the attention to detail it deserves during their campaigns. (Link)

Anti-Coal Goal

The movement to get rid of the need for coal has gone global. The movement has been around for a while in the U.S., but has recently spread to local populations in other countries as plans to add more and more coal plants around the world are drafted. (Link)

Far Car

The electricity-powered Tesla Roadster was rated with 112MPGe highway and 124MPGe city by the U.S. EPA. In order to make this vehicle even more impressive, electricity should come from renewable resources. (Link)

Cost of Commuting

According to calculations by James Schwartz of Urban Country, it costs about $350 a year or 3.84 minutes of work a day to commute by bike versus the average $11,000 it takes to maintain and use a car each year. However, if human fuel is food, should that be taken into account? (Link)

Tornado Trend

Scientists and citizens alike are having trouble finding exact evidence that proves a direct correlation between the recent bout of tornadoes and climate change. It is evident that climate change can contribute to extreme weather including deluges, droughts and heat waves, but study of the warming-tornado link is still in early stages. (Link)

Obama’s Overseeing

The Obama administration is committed to permitting the creation of more renewable energy projects. (Link)