From the Mouths of Babes: Local trio purveys ice cream via tricycle.

Story by Felicia D'Ambrosio

San Francisco has never been short on culture—counter or otherwise—but it was the ice cream scene that inspired local musician Pete Angevine while visiting the West Coast last summer.

“Humphry Slocombe changed my life,” he deadpans, referring to the destination parlor churning organic milk into unique flavors like Peanut Butter Curry and the cornflake- and bourbon-spiked Secret Breakfast. Serendipity morphed into action when Angevine realized musical collaborator Martin Brown was also making ice cream in “goofy flavors” at home.

“This is just a new and exciting way to be creative,” he says. “We’ve all been in bands and are sick of it.”
Along with Jeff Ziga, the trio will roll out Little Baby’s Ice Cream at the Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby on Sat., May 21, selling handmade scoops from a custom, freezer-fitted tricycle-cum-“strange multimedia sculpture” by sculptor Jordan Griska.

Flavors range from adventurous Cardamom Caramel (aromatic and savory; pair with mango or tropical fruits) and Earl Grey Sriracha (smoky tea dissolving to a spicy finish) to purist Birch Beer and smooth, rich Coffee Toffee. Balsamic Banana and Red Bean Rice Krispie flavors are also in the works.

“Some of my favorite music is made by people who don’t know how to play music,” says Angevine. “We're all coming from a non-culinary background... In some ways it’s more than food.” 

Look out for Little Baby’s Ice Cream trike at events all summer long. More at