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Greenpeace protesters climbing 450-ft smokestack | Image via www.treehugger.comSmokestack Protest

Tuesday morning, Greenpeace activists began their descent down from the top of a smokestack at Chicago’s Pilsen coal-fired plant, reaching an arrest once they arrived at the bottom. After spending their time at the top to hold up “quit coal” signs, the protesters felt as though they got the message out and decided that it was time to come down. (Link)

Green Force

On May 24th, the White House stated that by the end of 2015 all new light duty vehicles need to run on alternative fuel, either hybrid, electric, compressed natural gas or biofuel. This mandate will encourage various government agencies to accommodate such changes. (Link)

Environmental Execution

Two Brazilian environmentalists known for their devotion to the protection of the Amazon were executed, according to Brazilian media. Before José Cláudio Ribeiro da Silva and Maria do Espírito Santo were shot, they were known to have first-hand information about illegal logging. (Link)

No More Nukes

After Japan’s nuclear disaster, it seems obvious that the Japanese government would want to move away from this form of energy. Naoto Kan, the prime minister of Japan, announced a new energy policy that may require all new buildings to have solar panels by 2030. (Link)

Windy Warming City

Chicago is basing future infrastructure and architectural plans on global warming trends. With the prediction of Chicago’s climate becoming similar to the current climate of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Chicago is preparing for greener, more efficient spaces. (Link)