WAKE UP CALL: Start your day right with GRID's grab bag of sustainibility news

One of the many proposed ideas for ocean cleaning | Image via nytimes.com

Trash Tracker

There is a vast amount of trash that ends up in the ocean each year, eighty percent of which is plastic. In the U.S., the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) has created the "Marine Debris Tracker" in order to report and lessen the amount of trash found in oceans and waterways. (Link)

Mushroom Power

Mushrooms aren't only convenient edible fungi, some scientists and mushroom aficionados also claim that the crop can be used to break down unwanted bacteria, clean up toxic waste and transform biological waste into valuable top soil, making them the ultimate recyclers. (Link)

 Plenty O’ Plastic

Though it is evident that plastic bags take a huge toll on the environment and can be easily replaced by their reusable counterparts, many still use them. The exceptions to this trend are Beijing and Somalia who have both banned the use of plastic bags. (Link)

Power Up

Government funding is shifting towards battery-powered vehicles and away from hydrogen technology, but some auto executives believe that hydrogen is the best alternative to fossil fuels. (Link)

Java Drama

How can you avoid generating large amounts of waste while still getting your caffeine fix? When in the office, try to avoid K-Cups (the individual pods that accompany Keurig single-cup brewers) by using more environmentally-friendly single-cup pods. Or talk your office coffee snobs into sticking to one kind of joe brewed in an old-fashioned pot or French press. (Link)