Downward Dog in a Treetop at Morris Arboretum

Designed for those seeking more than a waterfall soundtrack on the road to inner peace, Jennifer Schelter (founder of Yoga Schelter and Yoga Unites) has created a series of yoga classes within nature itself at UPenn’s Morris Arboretum. Participants exhale stress and inhale magnolia blossoms while surrounded by one of the most beautifully maintained gardens in Philadelphia. Three classes are offered; one of which, Yoga Out on a Limb, allows attendants to sway like willows on a branch-supported platform high in the treetops. While some enroll to find flexibility, others will participate to get 50 feet closer to enlightenment. --Erica Hope

 Yoga Out on a Limb: 8:30-10am, Sun., June 5, July 10, Aug. 7, Sept. 11. $20 per session for members, $25 for non-members. Class size limited to the first 30 arrivals--no pre-registration. Morris Arboretum's Tree Adventure Exhibit, 
100 E. Northwestern Ave. For more information, visit