WAKE UP CALL: Start your day right with GRID's grab bag of sustainability news

Will Wadebridge be the first completely solar town? | Image via www.wren.uk.com Solar Town

The UK is topping our WAKE UP grab bag this week with its sustainability initiatives. Today Treehugger reported plans in Cornwall, England to power the whole town of Wadebridge using solar energy. The Wadebridge Renewable Energy Network (WREN) plans on having the town 30 percent reliant on solar energy by 2015, made possible by the government’s solar feed-in tariffs. Talk about ambitious. (Link)

Fake Out

Two major cases of federal fraud have rocked the organic farming world. In each of the cases, the head honchos of fertilizer companies sold synthetic liquid fertilizers to California farmers claiming that they were organic. (Link)

Exploration Denied

Yesterday, the senate rejected a Republican bill that called for more coastal oil and gas exploration. (Link)

Energy Blues

China has been hit by the worst energy crisis in years due to a severe drought that has drastically reduced the country’s hydroelectric capacity and caused sever power shortages. Due to the rising costs of fossil fuels, industrial areas outside of Shanghai must deal with the tight power rationing until the crisis ends, or at least improves. (Link)

Price of Convenience

Researchers from the University of Delaware have found that those who want or drive electric cars are willing to pay a hefty price for shorter charging times and a longer driving distances. (Link)

Update: As mentioned in yesterday’s WAKE UP CALL, a debate on whether or not prefab is the greener way to build was scheduled for today. However, Postgreen’s Chad Ludeman’s wife gave birth last night, so the debate will be pushed back to next Thursday, May 26th. Congrats to the Ludeman family! (Link)