WAKE UP CALL: Start your day right with GRID's grab bag of sustainability news

Exploding watermelons a result of speeding up the growth process | Image via www.guardian.co.uk

Melon Bombs

A new reason to go organic? Some agricultural chemicals can make watermelons explode. The growth accelerator, forchlorfenuron, can increase the size of a watermelon by 20 percent. If the chemical is not added in the right way or at the right time, the seemingly innocent watermelon can act like a bomb. (Link)

Food over Farmers

Mega-farms comparable to the U.S.’s booming agri-businesses could put many small UK farmers out of business. Members of the Soil Association and World Society for the Protection of Animals argue that the cost of food produced at this scale is animal abuse and environmental pollution. (Link)

A Modest Proposal

Various sections of formal environmental policy proposals have been melded together to create the “Promoting Clean Energy in the American Power Sector” plan. Joseph Aldy, a former adviser to President Obama, created the plan based on emissions intensity goals through the use of clean energy practices. (Link)

The Great Debate

This Thursday, May 19that 3:30 ET, join TreeHugger for the “Great Prefab Debate.” Pro-prefab designer Michelle Kaufmann and anti-prefab promoter Chad Ludeman, of Philly’s own 100K House, will battle it out over whether or not pre-fab building is the answer to creating affordable green homes. (Link)

Clean Slate

The UK is the world’s first country to approve a binding plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions 50 percent (from the country’s 1990 levels) by 2025. (Link)